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Magnox Wins Constructing Excellence East of England Award


Deplanting and Demolition at Bradwell


Magnox has been awarded the Constructing Excellence East of England award for its Plant and Structures Programme, being delivered at a number of sites in the region.

Magnox manages three former nuclear power stations in the South East – on behalf of their owner the UK Government’s Nuclear Decommissioning Authority – Sizewell A in Suffolk, Bradwell in Essex and Dungeness A in Kent.

Bradwell is expected to be the first site to progress to a phase of ‘care and maintenance’ in 2015, where the majority of the hazards have been removed and the site is left for a period of time before ‘final site clearance’.

The Plant and Structures Programme involves demolition and removal of redundant buildings and pieces of infrastructure which are no longer needed once a site has ceased electricity generation and the vast majority of the radiological hazard has been removed. The programme accounts for £1.4 billion worth of work, across the UK, up to 2027.

The work with the supply chain to manage framework contracts for deplanting, demolition and bulk asbestos removals alongside infrastructure, construction and enablers has been recognised as potential areas of best practice.


200th Flask Leaves Chapelcross Site

Magnox’s Chapelcross Site hit another significant decommissioning milestone last Friday when the 200th Flask containing spent fuel was safely shipped to the Sellafield Site in Cumbria for reprocessing.

Following formal permission to start defuelling from the Nuclear Installations Inspectorate (NII) in July 2008, and the first flask being sent to Sellafield for reprocessing in April 2009, there has been consistent progress made with the defuelling programme at the Chapelcross Site.

A total of 38,075 fuel elements are being systematically removed from all four reactors and safely dispatched for reprocessing to Sellafield.  To date 29,408 fuel elements have been removed and sent for reprocessing in 200 flasks.  This represents 77% of the defuelling programme with each flask containing an average of 150 fuel elements.  Reactors 3 & 4 are completely free of fuel and the total flask shipments required to complete defuelling at Chapelcross is approximately 260.  Completion of the defueling project, which is scheduled to be completed in 2013, will result in 99% of the radioactivity removed from the site.

Richard Murray, Plant Manager in charge of the defuelling project said “This is a great achievement and another significant defuelling milestone for the site and is a credit to the skilled workforce currently focused on the defuelling project”.

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