Sellafield – waste facility reaches new heights

Sellafield – waste facility reaches new heights

1The concrete pour taking place

The concrete pour taking place

Construction work on a new plant at Sellafield to retrieve historic waste from a 60-year-old nuclear store has reached new heights.  A Waste Retrieval Facility (WRF) is being built alongside the Pile Fuel Cladding Silo (PFCS) and the final major concrete pour has just been completed.

The 14.8m level concrete pour involved pumping 240 cubic metres of self-compacting concrete into position in just one day, starting at 5am and finishing by 4pm.  A very high level of accuracy was required throughout the pour, as 150 encast bolt sets were tested to a precise 2mm tolerance.

The WRF will consist of a reinforced concrete support skeleton, structurally independent from the PFCS, but adjoining it.  Modules for retrieval, waste loading and containers will be bolted to it during the future stages of the project.

Jonathon Hobbs, Construction Manager said:  “As the main floor that will site the modules in later processes, this is a major achievement in the project’s lifecycle.  Our construction team should be proud of their achievement – working in a uniquely difficult construction environment, and with exacting quality demands.  This places us in an excellent position to complete the WRF construction by next year.”

More concrete will be used this month in the ongoing construction of the Silo’s Control Room. The first floor columns are now complete and work is in progress for the second floor slab pour.

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