UK renewable energy generation to double by 2017

UK renewable energy generation to double by 2017

UK renewable energy generation to double by 2017

UK businesses should look for potential opportunities in the renewables industry as the market is set to double in the next five years.

In a new report, EDF Energy predicts the renewable generation market to reach the 75TWh mark, contributing around 20% of the UK’s total generation capacity. It expects growth to be driven mainly by independent generators in the wind and biomass sectors, which could account for around 60% of the total market by 2017.

Renewable energy produced on businesses’ own premises is expected to increase, with their share of output predicted to double to 38%. The energy supplier suggests existing independent specialist generators are expanding their operations and many other businesses are establishing their own independent generation operations, which are leading to significant growth in the sector.

EDF Energy is calling on those businesses new to generating their own power to look at strategies employed by more experienced generators to improve their returns. It claims firms with their own energy generation capability can create new revenue streams, reduce exposure to price uncertainty and benefit from Government incentives.

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Source: Energy News Live


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