Group Rhodes win order at £750m waste facility


Group Rhodes win order at £750m waste facility

Group Rhodes win order at £750m waste facility

An engineering firm has won an order to install new equipment that will process waste at a facility being constructed for Wakefield Metropolitan District Council (WMDC).

Group Rhodes will install a First of Class (FOC) Autoclave and loading equipment (pictured) at the £750 million site, which is expected to treat in excess of 145,000 tonnes a year of waste in the next 25 years and cut Wakefield’s need to landfill by 40% by 2015.

The autoclave operates like a pressure cooker that can sterilise and breakdown 20 tonnes of waste per cycle. During the process, glass, plastics, ceramics and metals will be cleaned for reuse whereas the remaining waste such as paper, cardboard and food will be broken down and processed using Anaerobic Digestion to produce fuel in the form of methane gas or ethanol. The firm claims this could be used to create energy to run the plant, making it self-sufficient and any excess power created can be sold back to the National Grid.

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Source: Energy News Live



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