Floating offshore wind farm maker picked

Floating offshore wind farm picked 

Floating offshore wind farm maker picked

The futuristic prospect of a floating offshore wind farm off Britain’s coast took another step closer to reality today as the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) picked a designer to make a prototype.

US-based naval engineering firm The Glosten Associates will design a demonstrator along with French-owned engineering firm Alstom, using Alstom’s Haliade wind turbine.

Called the PelaStar, the floating platform will be moored with a ‘tension leg platform’ (TLP) inspired by those commonly used in offshore oil and gas platforms. Once built, it will be used to test the technology for eight to 10 years.

After this £4m trial run, the ETI will decide whether to pump £21m into building it so the floating turbine could be in the water by as early as 2015.

The UK has over a third of the total European potential offshore wind resource – enough to power the country nearly three times over. Offshore wind power is more expensive than onshore  and the ETI believes a floating platform could end up being cheaper.

Read the full article here http://www.energylivenews.com/2013/03/26/floating-offshore-wind-farm-maker-picked/

Source: Energy News Live


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