Crews tackle fire at Hartlepool nuclear plant

Crews tackle fire at Hartlepool nuclear plant

A “small fire” at the Hartlepool nuclear power plant has been put out by the emergency services, police said.

The fire at about 18:30 BST on Saturday led to the venting of steam generators which caused noise and would have been visible to people living nearby.

A statement by Cleveland Police said nobody was injured at the EDF Energy-owned plant.

Fire crews and police remained at the scene for several hours. The cause of the blaze has not yet been revealed.

It is understood the alarm was raised when the fire broke out in a turbine hall at the power station.

A police statement said: “During incidents such as this, there are several procedures that take place including the venting of steam generators.

“This particular process causes noise, which residents of nearby areas such as Seaton Carew may hear.”

The smoke being released had no “implications for members of the public”, it added.

Power generation by two advanced gas-cooled reactors began in 1983 at the Tees Road plant which was taken over by EDF in 2009.

Source: BBC News


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