I&C collaboration celebrates China first

I&C collaboration celebrates China first

The first digital instrumentation and control (I&C) system developed jointly by Mitsubishi Electrical Corporation of Japan and China Techenergy Corporation (CTEC) has entered commercial operation.

Ningde (CGNPC)_460
Ningde: home to the first Mitsubishi Electrical-CTEC I&C system (Image: CGNPC)

The I&C system installed in unit 1 of the Ningde plant, constructed by China Guangdong Nuclear Power Corporation (CGNPC), is the first of 14 systems ordered from Mitsubishi and CTEC in 2007 in what Mitsubishi describes as the “first commercial collaboration between China and Japan in the field of nuclear power.

” The system comprises a main board for controlling plant operations, non-safety control cabinets, safety-protection cabinets and related software. Consortium leader and project coordinator Mitsubishi Electric manufactures the safety-protection cabinets, while CTEC manufactures the non-safety control cabinets. The I&C system installed at Ningde contains approximately 180 cabinets, of which 112 have been supplied by Mitsubishi Electric.

Ningde 1 entered commercial operation in April 2013. As well as the four Chinese-design CPR1000 units at Ningde, the Mitsubishi Electric-CTEC consortium has been contracted to provide digital I&C systems for a further 10 CPR1000s under construction at Hongyanhe, Fangchenggang and Yangjiang.

Source: World Nuclear News


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