Outage services contract for Areva

Outage services contract for Areva

Areva will provide outage services to the Salem and Hope Creek nuclear power plants in New Jersey under a long-term contract awarded by PSEG Nuclear.

Salem and Hope Creek - 460 (PSEG)
The Salem and Hope Creek units sit side-by-side on the same site (Image: PSEG)
The French company’s US subsidiary Areva Inc will perform refueling, inspections and steam generator maintenance at the adjacent plants during outages beginning later this year. The value and duration of the contract was not disclosed.The Salem plant comprises two pressurized water reactors, one with a capacity of 1174 MWe and the other 1130 MWe. Unit 1 began commercial operation in 1977 while unit 2 followed in 1981 and their operating licences are due to expire in 2036 and 2040, respectively.The adjacent Hope Creek plant is a single 1211 MWe boiling water reactor. It began commercial operation in 1986 and is licensed to operate until 2046.

All three units operate on an 18-month refueling cycle.

PSEG operates the Salem and Hope Creek plants and is also a part owner of the Peach Bottom plant in Pennsylvania. It owns 100% of Hope Creek, 57% of Salem and 50% of Peach Bottom. Exelon owns the other 43% and 50% of Salem and Peach Bottom, respectively.

Source: World Nuclear News


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