UK looks into skills needed for shale gas sector

UK looks into skills needed for shale gas sector

UK looks into skills needed for shale gas sector

A study to find out what skills the UK shale gas industry will need in the coming years was launched by a trade group today.

The UK Onshore Operators Group (UKOOG) is partnering with consultancy giant EY to also assess the supply chain and look into the materials and equipment needed to build and operate fracking sites.

This includes requirements such as water treatment facilities, transport and rigs. It will also look at the type of jobs that could be created, both directly in engineering, geology associated technical services, IT, construction and transport as well as indirectly.

The study, which is partly funded by the Department of Business Skills & Innovation (BIS), will be used to assess what can be supplied by British businesses.

The announcement forms part of the Government’s push to accelerate shale gas development in the UK. This morning it also said local councils would get incentives for approving fracking projects.

Business and Energy Minister Michael Fallon said: “The Government is encouraging safe exploration for shale gas to go ahead as quickly as possible… We want to ensure that the UK is ready to grow its supply chain and develop the necessary skills so that local communities benefit from jobs and investment.

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Source: Energy Live News


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