Managing Nuclear Risks

Managing Nuclear Risks

“Our top down safety management ensures compliance and consistency”

Peter Higton, Managing Director for Energy and Nuclear, Assystem UK


Assystem has always given top priority to managing nuclear risks. However, the changing context over recent years, notably after the Fukushima accident, led Assystem France to create a Nuclear Risk Management department (DMRN) to enhance its response to these challenges.

In the UK, whilst Assystem plays a relatively small role in supporting operational nuclear installations, Safety constitutes an essential part of its expertise in other domains, notably decommissioning in the NDA site, the disassembly of power stations and activities related to submarine nuclear power plants.

The Head of Safety discipline, Peter Hoban, and Safety Business Manager Paul Oldfield, ensure that our expertise develops in line with changing industrial requirements. Executive guidelines require Safety criteria to be factored into all stages of the design process, from start to finish. Assystem UK has instigated Safety management procedures and ad hoc committees that meet quarterly.

When Assystem manages Safety concerns for its customers, our department managers ensure that their requests comply with our own protocols. Similar compliance is also required from all those – companies and individuals – who work on projects managed by Assystem. Strict working methodologies ensure that all requirements are met, in all circumstances. Assystem UK is inspected and audited by its customers, and equally exacting checks are applied to all contractors. This top down approach ensures the compliance and consistency of operations conducted across the UK’s entire nuclear sector.”

Source: Assystem


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