Sellafield Ltd decommissioning team surpass safety record

Sellafield Ltd decommissioning team surpass safety record


Since reaching three million safe hours in 2013, the Sellafield Ltd decommissioning team have continued to uphold their impressive safety record by surpassing 4.5 million man hours worked without a Lost Time Accident (LTA).

There are more than 2,000 employees and contractors employed in West Cumbria carrying out decommissioning work on the Sellafield site. In the last year they’ve demolished buildings, stripped out plants, retrieved wastes, installed new kit, operated and maintained many facilities and made progress on decommissioning high priority facilities, all whilst staying committed to delivering a strong nuclear safety culture.

Head of decommissioning safety Mark Sarrington said: “On the 31st January 2014 it was exactly one year on since the last day’s away case, which for a division with more than 2,000 people and the variety of work taking place is a significant achievement.

“There are a few things that have contributed to our safety record including having Manager in Field Programmes to reinforce the standards for safe working. We have been encouraging managers and team leaders to talk to their teams about safety and explain the importance of their safety to them and to try and remove barriers to safe working.

“We’ve also had nearly 1,200 people attend MoveSMART training, an occupational injury prevention programme that has helped improve employee’s posture and balance. Also, potential accidents or near misses are promptly followed up by line managers, who visit the scene, investigate and offer help to those involved.”

Jack DeVine, Sellafield Ltd Chief Decommissioning Officer said: “Achieving one year without an LTA is an enormous accomplishment that has never been done before.

“The fundamental idea that everyone who comes to work goes home as healthy as they came to work is something that we all strive for and to be able to do that in this environment, with the type of challenges we face day in and day out just speaks for itself.

“However, we’ve still got a big clean-up job to do and we must not take our eye off the ball.”

Source: Sellafield Sites


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