UK Gives Consent For Decommissioning Of Wylfa

UK Gives Consent For Decommissioning Of Wylfa

The UK’s Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) has given its consent for a project to decommission the two-unit Wylfa nuclear power station on the island of Anglesey in north Wales.
Outfall from Wylfa Power Station - - 668216.jpg

The ONR said the decision follows “extensive consultation” and takes into account factors such as the information provided by licensee, Magnox Limited, the conclusion that environmental benefits will outweigh any detriments and the prediction there will be “no significant effects on other countries”.

Magnox Ltd originally obtained consent to decommission Wylfa’s two 490-megawatt gas-cooled reactors in March 2009, expecting that commercial operation of both units would be halted within five years.

However, due to extended electricity generation, Wylfa is not expected to shut down completely and begin decommissioning until around the end of 2014 or possibly later depending on operational plans, the ONR said. By this time the current consent will have expired and so Wylfa sought new consent.

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Source: NucNet


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