UK wind energy output grew 38% last year


UK wind energy output grew 38% last year

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The amount of electricity produced by wind grew by more than a third last year, according to DECC.

Provisional energy statistics for 2013 show wind farms met 7.7% of demand last year, up from 5.5% in 2012 – a 38% rise year-on-year.

Overall low carbon generation accounted for 32.7% of supply – up from 29.4% in 2012. Bioenergy rose by 52%, with its share growing to 2.8% while hydropower was down by 13.2%. Nuclear output remained broadly unchanged, accounting for around 65% of the UK’s low carbon generation.

Maria McCaffery, Chief Executive of RenewableUK said: “It’s great to see the way wind power has grown in just one year. Each unit of wind power production means that we’re having to import less foreign fuel – especially gas which is eye-wateringly expensive. There has been a steady decline of UK production of traditional energy sources so we need to make sure there is something replacing that – and wind is increasingly playing that role.”

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Source: Energy Live News


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