UK and China sign £20m low carbon innovation deal

UK and China sign £20m low carbon innovation deal

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The UK and China have signed a £20 million agreement to work together in developing innovative low carbon technologies.

The three-year programme will support research to develop new low carbon methods of manufacturing processes and technologies, urban living and offshore renewable energy production in the two nations.

Under the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), both the countries will each commit £10 million of “matched resources”, with approximately £6.6 million available each year.

Energy Minister Greg Barker welcomed the programme saying: “Investing in innovation and science is essential for both the UK and China to address energy supply issues and meet emissions targets as well as drive long-term economic growth. In the UK we have ring-fenced a science budget worth £4.6 billion per year and invested £29 million in joint projects with China.”

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Source: Energy Live News


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