EU Decommissioning: Where does the private sector stand?

EU Decommissioning: Where does the private sector stand?

Much of Europe’s nuclear decommissioning is ultimately controlled by the public sector today, so how can private companies get involved in this multi-billion euro market?

Nuclear decommissioning and waste management is currently a public sector process in Europe, in which the private sector is not allowed to directly participate. Privately held companies and financial institutions that want to get involved need to lobby host governments first.

Transparency in procurement

But according to Al Goodwin, head of commercial projects and public procurement at Foot Anstey – one of the largest regional law firms based outside London – this has positive implications for the industry.

“In a European context, this makes the nuclear decommissioning market place subject to EU public procurement rules. Whilst this can load complexity and expense onto the process of pursuing opportunities, the transparency requirements around public procurement mean that many opportunities will be advertised, which opens up the market somewhat.”

Indeed, a simple search through, which lists all public tenders from across the EU and UK, shows opportunities for decommissioning and waste management engineering-support services as well as supply of containers, sought by the European Commission’s Ispra Joint Research Centre in Italy.

Moreover, the UK’s Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) seems determined to get all types of businesses on board to help them benefit from the huge opportunities offered by the industry.

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Source: Nuclear Energy Insider


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