Nu-Gen steps up its plans for nuclear new build

Nu-Gen steps up its plans for nuclear new build

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A team from NuGen will begin to carry out geographical surveys at Moorside that, it is hoped, will pave the way for a new power station with three reactors being built.

The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) says the project would bring at least £10billion of investment and create up to 21,000 jobs over the construction, including peak on-site employment of more than 6,000. Once operational, the reactors would employ 1,000.

Promoting the benefits of new nuclear build was the aim of a successful industry day, organised by the Sellafield Workers’ Campaign (SWC),

The event heard from John McNamara, NuGen’s head of corporate communications, who accepted that recent progress on site has been slow, but “momentum will build” starting with the surveys that begin in August.

Mr McNamara added that it is hoped that site suitability will be determined next year, planning permission and licensing granted in 2018, allowing for construction to begin in 2020. The first reactor would go on stream in 2024 and all three, with a combined 3.4GW capacity, operational by 2026.

Launching SWC’s industry day, Copeland MP Jamie Reed said that new-build will make Cumbria a “global player”.

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Source: Whitehaven News


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