Assystem, Cegelec, Spretec bag €20m Cigéo Contract

Assystem, Cegelec, Spretec bag €20m Cigéo Contract

Cigéo, the  Industrial Centre for Geological Storagein France, alongside site manager ANDRA, has selected nuclear waste management specialist Assystem together with Cegelec and Spretec to carry out high-level studies followed by the detailed design of the technical procedures for the transfer and handling of the waste packages. This four-year contract is worth €20m, said Assystem.

The Cigéo site has been designed to deep-store the most radioactive French waste produced by all existing nuclear facilities, until they are decommissioned, and by processing spent fuel used in nuclear power plants.

According to an Assystem statement, the purpose of these studies is to specify the industrial project for developing the application for authorising storage.

“Although the project is planned to last more than 100 years, the first five months of studies are paramount and must confirm the industrial feasibility of the project,” said Laurent Doher, Cigéo Project Manager for Assystem.

He continued: “The work involved matches Cigéo’s national and international commitments. As an engineering company, Assystem is also tasked with providing the necessary roadmap for our industrial partners so that we can put forward the best technical and economic solution.”

As an independent nuclear technology specialist in Europe for the last 45 years, Assystem generates 20% of its turnover in the nuclear sector and employs 1,500 experts.

Source: Nuclear Energy Insider 


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