David Cameron tells the French: Sort out Hinkley C ‘the sooner the better’

Image: Work preparing the ground at Hinkley Point

The Prime Minister gave the French Government a stark message over the stalled £25 billion Hinkley Point C nuclear power station controversy last night by telling them: ‘we’ve done our bit, now you do yours’

Mr Cameron urged the French Government to seal the deal to build the power station ‘the sooner the better’ after EDF – the French state-owned power company – halted work and laid off 400 workers in Somerset.

Mr Cameron told the Western Daily Press that his Government had ‘put everything in place’ that it could to ensure the £25 billion power plant would be built – but were now waiting for the French Government and its nationalised electricity firm EDF to secure the investment needed to start the project.

Speaking on a campaign visit to Bristol, Mr Cameron said Hinkley Point C was a ‘win-win’ for everyone involved – including the French Government.

Last week, the Western Daily revealed that EDF had halted work to build the two-reactor power plant near Bridgwater – the single biggest construction project in the country at present – because the final investment decision had not yet been made by the French-owned firm.

The complex deal to get Hinkley C built, and bag 25,000 jobs for west Somerset, involves the British Government guaranteeing EDF would receive a whopping £92.50 per megawatt-hour of electricity produced but no capital support from the British state – instead EDF needed Chinese billions to build the power station.

But so far, EDF has not managed to completely secure that investment, and was forced to lay off around 400 construction workers at the site having completed the preparatory groundwork. Last week, the firm said it was not prepared to begin actually building Hinkley C until the deal had been done.

Read more: The Western Daily


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