Assystem is Ranked as the 2nd Leading Nuclear Engineering Company, according to the ENR ranking

The last ENR Sourcebook presents the most recent design engineering players ranking for the year 2015 across a wide range of industries. According to this ranking, Assystem progressed by two ranks in the nuclear industry; from fourth place in 2014, to second, in 2015.

Indeed, Assystem has declared a 80 MUSD of revenue for its nuclear design activity (out of a total of 205 MUSD revenue for its overall activity in this sector) compared to 63.3 MUSD declared in 2014. KEPCO Engineering & Construction CO. LTD remains first, making Assystem the first independent nuclear engineering company in the world, able to work with any technology providers.

The ranking highlights once more Assystem historical commitment and expertise in this sector. Indeed, for 50 years, Assystem has been supporting the development of the industry in France and abroad. Assystem was born in the nuclear sector and has supported EDF, the French nuclear facility, in the commissioning and maintenance of the 58 French reactors. Besides being independent from any technology providers, Assystem and its 2500 nuclear experts work on nuclear projects all over the world and are able to intervene both on the entire nuclear fuel cycle and on the entire life cycle of a nuclear facility. Assystem’s leading-edge skills in the industry has enabled it to work on some of the most complex and challenging nuclear project such as Iter, the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor, currently in construction.

The ENR sourcebooks conduct a deep analysis of the engineering design market every year by ranking industry leaders in particular market fields. The rankings are based on annual revenue declared at home and abroad. To know more en ENR ranking go to

Source: Assystem


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