UK firms join forces for demand response energy system

Image: Shutterstock
Image: Shutterstock

A new network which aims to generate 200MW of flexible energy by 2020 has been launched.

Dubbed the ‘Living Grid’, it plans to show the power of intelligent demand response technology and modernise the UK’s existing “static” electricity system.

The initiative is organised by non-profit firm Forum for the Future, with Sainsbury’s, United Utilities and Aggregate Industries named the founding members.

The network hopes to bring at least 20 organisations on board to reach the goal and make “full use” of renewable sources of energy.

They will be financially rewarded for their energy reduction efforts by National Grid while the demand response system will help them avoid peak time energy pricing, thus reducing bills in the long term.

The first phase of the programme will connect corporate energy users, whose high energy usage makes them well placed to influence the demand side of the electricity grid, with smart technology from Open Energi.

It allows equipment to continuously adjust power usage to adapt to peaks and troughs in demand and supply across the grid without affecting performance.

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Source: Energy Live News



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