EC&I Engineering

Assystem Energy and Infrastructure have a number of EC &I Engineering vacancies at all levels.  (The description below is a guideline only, refer to Energy and Infrastructure Vacancies for current roles being advertised)

Basic Requirements

Apply technical knowledge in a variety of ways to resolve Engineering issues. Use appropriate theoretical, mathematical and operational understanding to develop solutions which fulfil the Functional, Technical and Commercial issues identified.

As an EC & I Engineer you will:-

1. Have a  minimum qualification Pre 1996 HNC/HND or Ordinary degree in a relevant subject.

2. Work in a professional manner in accordance with  the requirements of the Company QMS procedures.

3. Produce scoping calculations to support engineering decisions.

4. Have an awareness of National Standards, Regulator Codes Applicable to the design and manufacture of plant and equipment. Understand the responsibility placed on the individual, and the Company by CDM Regulations.

5. Execute your work giving due regard for the Technical, Legislative and Financial constraints imposed.

6. Assist the Project / Tender Teams in the compilation of estimates associated with man hours and durations

7. Develop Functional Requirements Specifications which accurately define the requirements of concept of scheme engineering proposals.

8. Develop Technical solutions which satisfy the user requirements identified by the customer.

9. Establish / estimate cost information to the required level of accuracy to assist in Tendering and Cost evaluation exercises, or to support engineered solutions.

10. Assist the Project Team by accurately reporting on time to complete assigned tasks to required quality.

11. Maintain communications as required with Procurement, Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, Construction and Commissioning on aspects surrounding technical suitability.

12. Develop Commissioning and works test requirements documentation.

13. Produce a range of Technical Documentation depending on experience and area of expertise.

14. Perform Checking and Approval activities dependant on experience as directed by the Project Manager / Team Leader.

15. Have familiarity with the processes involved in developing a design and a sound knowledge of software tools and packages utilised.

16. Perform analytical calculations to determine optimum engineering solutions

17. Perform the duties of Lead Engineer as specified in the Terms of Responsibilities manual dependant on experience and demonstration of SQEP.


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