Mechanical/ Electrical Design

Assystem Energy and Infrastructure have a number of Mechanical/ Electrical Design Engineering vacancies at all levels. (The description below is a guideline only, refer to Energy and Infrastructure Vacancies for current roles being advertised)

Basic Requirements

Apply technical knowledge in a variety of ways to resolve Design issues. Use appropriate theoretical and practical understanding to develop design solutions which fulfil the Functional, Technical and Commercial issues identified.

As a Mechanical/ Electrical Designer you will:-

1. As a  minimum have completed a recognised technical apprenticeship with a  minimum qualification of BTEC/HNC or equivalent

2. Work in a professional manner in accordance with company procedures and issued instruction.

3. Translate technical specifications into design concept.

4. Translate design concepts into design schemes and evolve these schemes into engineered layouts and assembly drawings, either by working as an individual or as part of a team.

5. Produce scoping calculations necessary to support any conceptual scheme or detail engineering design work for which they are responsible.

6. Check arrangement, sub-assembly, detail engineering drawings and calculations produced by others when authorised.

7. Produce schemes in support of sales proposals.

8. Detail mechanical, electrical or systems equipment in accordance with British Standard, or other client standards, sufficient for the manufacture or purchase of such items.

9. Ensure that you have an awareness of the codes, standards, legal and regulatory requirements, which are relevant to your operating level and to the task in hand. You shall ensure that your work is compliant to those standards, and that compliance is suitably recorded and documented.

10. Remain cognisant of the work undertaken by other disciplines and ensure delivery of integrated coherent solutions.

11. Contribute to technical reports and feasibility studies and ensure that any contractual, safety or legislative requirements have been taken into account.

12. Provide guidance to technicians, sub contractors or suppliers during manufacture, assembly, commissioning and test of equipment in support of projects ensuring that this is carried out in a safe manner.

13. Provide guidance for workshop development of equipment designed by the company or equipment provided by the client for incorporation into a design.

14. Ensure compliance with the companies Quality Assurance Policies in any work undertaken. In particular, there is a requirement to be fully conversant with the requirements of the company’s Business Process Manual and applicable work instructions

15. Actively seek assistance if tasks take you outside of your defined areas of competence.

16. Operate within prescribed time and financial constraints, and guard against over elaborate or flamboyant solutions.

17. Communicate clearly and concisely.


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