Energy and Infrastructure

Assystem is a leading international group providing engineering and consultancy services across a broad range of product manufacturing and process sectors including nuclear, aerospace, rail, automotive, life sciences, energy and defence.

Since it originated in 1966, the Assystem group has achieved an impressive record of growth and diversification. The strength of the group lies in its ability to provide dedicated, multi-disciplined project teams composed of specialist staff, all of whom are selected according to the unique requirements of the project concerned.

Assystem Energy and Infrastructure consists of over  10,000 suitably qualified and experienced personnel across Europe and has offices located close to many of the major nuclear sites in the UK, France, Switzerland and Germany. Assystem offers a network of local support to its clients, backed up by specialist engineering support from the group’s technical centres with skills ranging from conceptual designs for new processes to long term decommissioning of active facilities.

Fields of expertise:

  • Large Nuclear Research Facilities
  • PWR Nuclear Power Plant
  • Architect Engineering
  • Uranium Conversion and Enrichment
  • Nuclear Fuel Manufacturing, Reprocessing and Recycling
  • Clean Up and Decommissioning
  • Nuclear Waste Retrieval and Conditioning


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