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RWE’s first UK solar plant grid-connected

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A 37MW solar power plant has been successfully connected to the UK grid.

The ground-mounted facility, which is RWE’s first in the UK, is located on a disused airfield at Kencot Hill and will produce enough electricity to power around 10,000 homes.

Solar firm Conergy, which helped connect around 144,000 panels to the grid, will continue to operate and maintain the plant after its ownership is transferred to Foresight Solar Fund.

Robert Goss, MD at Conergy UK said: “There are plenty of brownfield sites left in Britain and a temporary invisible solar farm will always be more popular with the locals than a new housing estate or giant nuclear power station.”

The project will also help reduce carbon emissions by 16,000 tons per year.

Source: Energy Live News


Toshiba Buys British Nuclear Firm NuGeneration

Toshiba Buys British Nuclear Firm NuGeneration

Seeking to increase foreign sales, Toshiba will buy a controlling stake in a company planning a new nuclear plant in the UK.

Nikkei reported last week that Toshiba will purchase half of NuGeneration for roughly $200 million. That company was founded as a joint venture by GDF Suez and Iberdrola. Interest from Asian companies in the British nuclear program has ramped up in recent years. Toshiba rival Hitachi purchased Horizon Nuclear Power last year from RWE and EON, which were planning reactors at Wylfa, Oldbury and Anglesey.

NuGeneration in 2009 secured a purchase option from the UK’s Nuclear Decommissioning Authority to buy land near Sellafield for 3,600 megawatts of new nuclear generation. The government deemed the site suitable for new reactors in 2011, according to the company’s website, and NuGeneration has been developing detailed site plans in anticipation of an investment decision in 2015.

Source: Nuclear Street

Alstom agrees deal to upgrade RWE Generation gas turbines

Alstom agrees deal to upgrade RWE Generation gas turbines

Alstom agrees deal to upgrade RWE Generation gas turbines

Alstom has agreed a deal to upgrade nine gas turbines in UK power stations owned by the energy firm RWE Generation.

The engineers claims the upgrades at the 2,200 MW Pembroke and 1,650 MW Staythorpe sites will increase the performance and efficiency of the GT26 turbines they use.

The agreement also includes a maintenance programme for RWE Generation’s fleet of GT26 turbines across Europe.

Michael Rechsteiner, Senior Vice President for Alstom’s Thermal Services business said the upgrade would reduce maintenance hours over the life of the plant.

Source: Energy Live News


Rosatom: Russian Pursuit of UK Nuclear Projects Hinges on Hinkley Point

Rosatom: Russian Pursuit of UK Nuclear Projects Hinges on Hinkley Point

Russia’s Rosatom remains eager to enter the market to replace the UK’s rapidly aging fleet of nuclear reactors. In the meantime, though, an executive has said the company will be watching closely as the government and EDF try to reach a power price agreement for reactors proposed at Hinkley Point.


For months, the French company and the British government have been negotiating minimum guaranteed power prices required by EDF before it will invest in the plant. All but one of the UK’s 16 power reactors will retire in the next decade, and the country’s energy policy envisions extensive investment in new units to replace them and keep up with electricity demand.

Those plans were set back, though, when German utilities RWE and EON pulled out of proposals to build units at Wylfa and Oldbury, selling their Horizon joint venture to Hitachi late last year.

Read more here http://nuclearstreet.com/nuclear_power_industry_news/b/nuclear_power_news/archive/2013/08/15/rosatom_3a00_-russian-pursuit-of-uk-nuclear-projects-hinges-on-hinkley-point-081501.aspx#.Ug4cZtJJOAg

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UK to sell stake in Urenco nuclear fuel firm

UK to sell stake in Urenco nuclear fuel firm

Urenco in Germany
Urenko is jointly owned by the UK, the Netherlands and two German companies

The UK government is preparing to sell its one-third stake in Urenco, the world’s second-largest provider of nuclear fuel.

The uranium enrichment company is estimated to be worth about 10bn euros ($13bn; £8.6bn).

Business and Energy Minister Michael Fallon said the “time is right” for the sale, adding it made “good commercial sense”.

Several buyers are said to be interested in buying the stake.

They include French nuclear group Areva, the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, and reactor builder Westinghouse.

The remainder of Urenco is owned by the government of the Netherlands, as well as by the German power companies E.On and RWE.

“The decision to proceed towards a sale comes after the government secured agreement from its Dutch and German partners,” the UK’s Department for Business, Innovation and Skills said.

As yet, no decisions have been taken with regards to how or when the sale will happen.

“Any sale will only be concluded if the government is satisfied that the UK’s security and non-proliferation interests can be protected and that value for money is achieved for the UK taxpayer,” the department said.

As Urenco owns top secret uranium enrichment centrifuge technology, which the authorities are eager to protect from falling into the wrong hands, all three countries would need to approve any sale of a stake.

Source: BBC News

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